Neighbourhood vision for the future

Co-creating a sustainable and inclusive vision for the future of Sparrenburg


How does one develop a future proof, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhood vision that represents the diversity of perspectives and wishes of all active stakeholders within the neighborhood?



Part 1. Research. Qualitative interviews. Participatory co-creation sessions (role: co-facilitator). 

Part 2. Visioning. Data from qualitative interviews, creative participatory sessions, videos and surveys is translated into a clear, active and forward thinking neighborhood vision. The approach ensures that the neighborhood council can independently shape the vision for the neighborhood on themes that have been defined (role: lead).


  • A  green vision shaped by the input provided by the residents and active parties in the neighbourhood. The vision incorporates short, medium and long-term objectives, strategic approaches and ideas by residents. 
  • A toolkit that can be used by the neighbourhood council to analyse the remaining themes defined through the research and shape the insights into a concise and actionable vision that is carried by the residents.
  • This neighborhood vision will be used as a basis for decision-making in the neighborhood by both the neighborhood council and the municipality and provide direction for the shaping of a sustainable and inclusive future for the neighborhood.


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Client: Zeewaardig Service Design 

Year: 2020

Service: Design research, co-creation, process facilitation

Expertise: Carbon positive housing, Urban green spaces, neighbourhoods of the future

images by Zeewaardig service design

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