Shopping center Osdorpplein in transition

Collective visioning and facilitating urban transition


Shopping area Osdorpplein is in transition. In a very short period of time, 3000 houses will arise in the area. Not just the size, but the social fabric of the neighbourhood undergoing transformation. Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges as a result of  COVID19, the trend from offline to online shopping will continue to grow and the needed transition towards a circular shopping area requires innovative capacity and forward thinking. What values are at the heart of the transformation of Osdorpplein? How do we ensure that people feel free but connected in this cosmopolitan piece of our city? How do we keep gentrification at bay? What is needed to enable adaptability and innovative potential amongst local entrepreneurs?



  • We facilitate dialogue between involved stakeholders such as owners of real estate, a variety of inhabitants, entrepreneurs welfare, and civil society organisations.
  • We build mutual trust. Built on this we co-create a future vision, approach and programme that takes the needs and wishes of the stakeholders as well as urban policy into account.
  • We make an active contribution towards the definition and design of a shared cosmopolitan identity for the shopping area.


  • Clarity and transparency into the varied interests and questions that live amongst real estate, municipality, entrepreneurs and inhabitants.
  • All stakeholders work together to invest in the area guided by their shared vision. They are also working towards creating a shared identity.


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Client: Gemeente Amsterdam

Year: 2020 (ongoing)

Service: vision development, consultancy, research and implementation

Expertise: local economy, entrepreneurship and community building

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