Jan Eef Community

Community Visie, Strategy & Uitvoering


Shopping street association Jan Eef was born as a positive reaction to the economic crisis of 2008. Inhabitants of the surrounding neighbourhood the Baarsjes felt increasingly unsafe and decided to take matters into their own hands. How can inhabitants, entrepreneurs and municipality join forces to combat vacant buildings, organise positively driven events and support local entrepreneurship?



  • Facilitate dialogue between multiple stakeholders such as real estate, entrepreneurs and civil society
  • Design and execution of creative interventions. Such as a green graffiti campaign to increase the visibility of 40 local shop owners.


  • Closer collaboration between shopowners, inhabitants, real estate and municipality
  • Inhabitants shop locally at a regular basis
  • Developed a shared identity for the street as a result of which Jan Eef became a leading example and the face of powerful collaboration between varied stakeholders in times of crisis and transformation


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Client: Stichting Ik geef om de Jan Eef

Year: 2014

Service: vision development, advice, community engagement and event implementation

Expertise: local economy, community building

Image: Linda Rusconi; Floris Lok, Ik Geef Om de Jan Eef

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