Learning experience design for systems change

Co-Design and facilitation of 5 day experiential educator training


How does one design and facilitate cognitively rich learning experiences that activate people to make change in the world, develop deeper knowledge around systems, sustainability and design, and move from a linear to circular mindset?



Co-design and facilitation of an immersive training programme that covered the following:

  • Unschool pedagogical framework
  • teaching systems thinking, sustainability and creative ideation
  • principles of experiential education
  • gamified experience design
  • cognitive science and designing experiences to maximize learning
  • designing learning arcs that affect change
  • respectful and empathetic facilitation
  • participatory design


  • A 5 day hands-on program that ran through the cognitive and experiential design tools for hyper-engaging workshops and educative processes, uncovered the unique UnSchool approach and methodology.
  • Participants were enabled to practice their experiential design and facilitation skills with a group of supportive peers.


Want to co-design an engaging learning experience aimed at making positive change in the world? Drop Myrthe an email.

Client: Unschool of disruptive design

Year: 2019

Location: Co-project farm, Portugal

Role: co-facilitation and co-design under the guidance of Leyla Acaroglu

Expertise: Systemsthinking, gamification, sustainbability, learning experience design, cognitive science


Video above gives an impression of the approach and methodology covered in the educators training.

Images by Unschool of Disruptive Design

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